w.bloggar ile WordPress’e yazı yazmak

Posted in Haberler by homelessavatar on Nisan 30, 2009

w.bloggar ile eklenen resim

Geçenlerde internet gezginlerinden (browser) bağımsız olarak, direkman masaüstünden bloglara yazı yazmak için kullanılan programları araştırıyordum. En popüler olanı Windows Live Writer gibi gözüksede, ben genelden biraz sapıp diğer kullanılanları da denemek istedim. Bu yazıyı da w.bloggar adındaki bir masaüstü bloglama aracı (desktop blogging tool) ile yazıyorum. Yazıya bir-iki tane de resim ekleyerek resim ekleme ve resim altyazısı özelliklerini de deniyeceğim.

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HP Magic Giveaway – Stop, Drop & Blog and Living in Theory

Posted in Haberler by homelessavatar on Aralık 12, 2008

As soon as I saw HP was holding a giveway contest featuring 50 blogs and 50 x 6000 $ worth of computers, I know I had to jump on in because after all those years of using the same old computer which constantly kept popping up a flood of new error messages and lockdowns and maintenances, I needed a new one. And with my family having such a hard time just to look after ourselves, we can not afford to buy a new one, even though I need one to do my homework while I am away at the dormitory going to my university. So, this would be a chance not only to win myself something to do my homework and design work with, it would also mean lifting the burden of trying to afford a new computer for my work off of my family’s shoulders and also giving my household, my brother, my mother and my childhood friend (neighbor) and his grandpa something to be joyful with, something to be happy about: something to share the magic.

So, thanks to Stop, Drop & Blog and Living in Theory, I have joined their parts of this giveaway and would love to win something to make me and people around me happy. Here is the entry that I have submitted:



I am a 18 year old boy from Istanbul who started university this year, which is away from my hometown. I mostly spend my time on internet, writing technology news to my blog at http://www.techsweek.com, and I do some graphics and web design works freelance.


As much as I would like to win this giveaway, I would not keep all these shiny new things for myself. Because my father was a judge who worked for the goverment for 40 years and he is now retired, we don’t have any luxury money to spend on things like computers or consoles and such. I and my older brother are using the 8-year-old computer that our uncle had bought for us. It is P4 machine with 2 gigs of ram (I have added 1 gig to the original 2x512mb after seeing the slowness) and does help in doing our homework or studies but it is really getting old. It went to maintenance for 3 times now and I am afraid that one day it may not be repairable anymore.


So, if I win this giveaway, it would mean that my family will not need to buy me a small laptop to do my assignments and homework with when I am at my dormitory which has no public computers for use. That would take away the burden of buying a new computer at this economically hard times.


I would replace the old pc with the HP touchsmart, making it the general pc of the household. Then, I would keep the HDX for myself, because I do a lot of design work and need a powerful computer with a big screen, and also because my university is away from my hometown and I stay in a dormitory with no public computers to use, I would mostly use it to do my assignments and homework at the university. I would give the Pavilion dv4 to my brother, who needs a computer to research and make his thesis for the university and also for his degree. The netbook would go to my mother, who really wants to learn a computer but is afraid to give any permanent damage to a expensive thing like that. The netbook would be a good pc to learn to how to use one. The media smart connect would help us keep our pcs and network in touch. The printer I would give to my neighbor, who is my childhood friend, because he does not have a printer. He would print his homework and his father who is an accountant would print out his work from there too. Also, I would give the Corel VideoStudio to my friend’s grandfather, because he just loves to shoot clips of family meetings and I think he would love to make those memories golden on his computer and watch them together as a family. I would give the Office pack to my brother because I am used to using OpenOffice for my work.


I thank you all who made this chance possible and I wish everyone a great new year with brilliant things to look forward to.